Thursday, May 6, 2010

If you wanted to could you live in the wilderness surrounded by no population of humans?

I would never want that. I guess you could say that I couldn't do it.

Human beings amaze me, and usually make me very happy.

List three or four qualities that make you who they are. Go on, do it.


Did it? Now think about whether those qualities are of any consequence if you're the only person on earth.

The qualities that I listed when asked to do this exercise are in my opinion worthless if I didn't have humans to share them with.

Ask me anything, lovelies.

Is beauty as frivolous as Plato puts it?

Are you referring to the beauty of theatre and literature? That's the only kind of beauty I can remember Plato discounting, which might be the result of me not reading Plato for awhile.

I completely understand, and might even agree with, Plato's assertions that artistic works can lead to weakness and other questionable personality traits when the audience identifies with certain characters. However, I do not believe that art needs to always serve a purpose. It is not always the responsibility of art to help its audience grow as people and society members. Sometimes its purpose, or lack thereof, is just to be art. Keep in mind Wilde's "art for art's sake" philosophy.

Beauty may not serve a grand purpose, but that doesn't make it bad. And sometimes, it does serve a purpose: making life more enjoyable, and making the points of the artistic work drive home in a more intense fashion.

Ask me anything, lovelies.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well...aren't we all?

Do I still have that Youtube video up or something?

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