Monday, February 22, 2010

From my journal

Thursday, January 7th 2010.
7:49 AM (EST?)

I am in an airplane that will bravely and apathetically carry me over one third of midwestern America. At roughly 12:30, I will be dropped off by this metal behemoth in Phoenix, Arizona.
I am not at all acquainted with Arizona, and this seems like an unfortunate start to our relationship. If there is an area in the terminal where smoking is permitted, however, it might be the start of a beautiful human-state friendship.

Just under two hours after I arrive in Phoenix, grab some lunch, and call my parents and Tim, I will be boarding another plane, this one headed straight to my new home, Honolulu. I have never been to Hawai’i before. I am now about to start living in a state thousands of miles away from anyone I have ever met and anywhere I have ever been.

This is a challenge of my resilient nature, as well as my ability to carry off fantastical and/or spontaneous decisions with pleasure and success. I am up to the challenge.

I did not sleep last night, both out of a fear of oversleeping and a knowledge that I was too excited to realistically hope for unconsciousness. Between the time change and the plain lack of sleep, I may be in a less-than-healthy state when I arrive at Chaminade University of Honolulu. I plan to fake it till I make it in this case.