Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christian, you need not wait much longer for a second poem.

Even Satan from his grip did let slip a ribbon of promise
yelled from hills outside of schoolhouses, "let enough be enough!"
dusty light that slid in and out of the midwife's perception
as eyelids opened and closed in morning fatigue
before the chime of her alarm gave way to the ringing of station bells

promise, promise. ever heavy.
so many blankets in the armload

and to water do bovine hooves arrive,
every trembling, ever driven, ever promised relief of circumstance

children in the margins

I have been very busy today. The sociology prof performed Marx in Soho after my two classes this morning, and now I find myself rushed to get to town and run errands. The day has been kind to me, though, other than the student bank closing after half an hour.


runnerfrog said...

This is the happiest characteristic of your blog yet; don't know which will be the next one, but for now, this is.

Rachel Knight said...

Thank you Cristian. I am so glad that you were the first stranger to encounter my blog. I really do appreciate your kind comments.

何纯 said...

i wonder the who is the girl's voice? you ? rachel