Monday, December 1, 2008

Final essay titles for the Fall semester

I have three final essays to complete this week, and one mysteriously impossible Digital Multimedia final project. Here are the titles of a paper I turned in today and a paper due Thursday, respectively:

The Development of Love in the Symposium, and the Theory of Its Ultimate Fruition

The Rebirth of Communication and the New Distribution of Authority

Ancient Greek men lying on couches and flirting with one another mixed with the psychology of Facebook... what could be better?


runnerfrog said...

Very nice anticipation... would the papers be available for the eventual online reader someday?
Mysteriously impossible final projects are known for its misteriously impossible attractive.
I don't think there's any relation between the verification word and the commenter: SinFulf.

Rachel Knight said...

Well, since you (sort of) requested it, I will post my finished Symposium paper straightaway!