Thursday, December 4, 2008


Finals week. Okay.

You can tell by my strong, let's-get-'em posture and my bold choice of condom wrapper earrings that I am ready for the threat of damnation that finals week suggests. But wait, look closer; my eyes betray my true feelings: those of trepidation, absolute terror even. My mouth is twisted into an expression that can only read as "dear God, I am so utterly fucked, Duncan Sheik is going to want to write a rock musical about my terrible existence." Those aren't muscles you see bulging out of my flexed arms; they are the knots that stress has placed there over the sleepless nights that have made up the past week.

This Prius has run out of gasoline, and the electricity is going to last me only so long. Let's hope I have enough in me to write six poetry responses, write a 15-page paper on some poem I haven't chosen yet, read the Aeneid and write two responses, and finish my social psychology paper by Monday. That leaves Tuesday through Friday to finish my 3D map of campus, record a video walking through it and record an audio tour for Digital Multimedia.

I am a grocery list of academic tasks. My only response is to make jewelery out of the containers of prophylactics. Science save me.


runnerfrog said...

Hey, only enough condom wrappers for a couple of earrings? Shame on you. :-)
Enjoy the new Mac, but have a priority! ;-)

Rachel Knight said...

The priority being schoolwork? Oh, no worries there; I could hardly get my work done if it wasn't for this new laptop. My old mac fatally broke, in the middle of writing final papers... what a disaster! (But not for long, as it turned out.)